Supported image formats

The following table lists the image formats that can be loaded on each operating system. If PIL is installed, any additional formats it supports can also be read. See the Python Imaging Library Handbook for a list of such formats.

Extension Description Windows XP Mac OS X Linux [9]
.bmp Windows Bitmap X X X
.dds Microsoft DirectDraw Surface [10] X X X
.exif Exif X    
.gif Graphics Interchange Format X X X
.jpg .jpeg JPEG/JIFF Image X X X
.jp2 .jpx JPEG 2000   X  
.pcx PC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic   X  
.png Portable Network Graphic X X X
.pnm PBM Portable Any Map Graphic Bitmap     X
.ras Sun raster graphic     X
.tga Truevision Targa Graphic   X  
.tif .tiff Tagged Image File Format X X X
.xbm X11 bitmap   X X
.xpm X11 icon   X X

The only supported save format is PNG, unless PIL is installed, in which case any format it supports can be written.

[9]Requires GTK 2.0 or later.
[10]Only S3TC compressed surfaces are supported. Depth, volume and cube textures are not supported.