Deprecated methods

The following minor changes have been made for design or efficiency reasons. Applications which no longer need to support pyglet 1.0 should make the appropriate changes to ensure the deprecated methods are not called.

The dispatch_events method on Player and the equivalent function on the module should no longer be called. In pyglet 1.1, media objects schedule an update function on pyglet.clock at an appropriate interval. New applications using media are required to call pyglet.clock.tick periodically.

The AbstractImage properties texture, image_data, and so on have been replaced with equivalent methods get_texture, get_image_data, etc.

The ImageData properties data, format and pitch, which together were used to extract pixel data from an image, have been replaced with a single function get_data. The format and pitch properties should now be used only to determine the current format and pitch of the image.

The get_current_context function has been replaced with a global variable, current_context, for efficiency.