Platform Class

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class Platform

Operating-system-level functionality.

The platform instance can only be obtained with get_platform. Use the platform to obtain a Display instance.


Deprecated. Use pyglet.canvas.Display


get_default_display() Get the default display device.
get_display(name) Get a display device by name.



Get the default display device.


Deprecated. Use pyglet.canvas.get_display.

Return type:Display

Get a display device by name.

This is meaningful only under X11, where the name is a string including the host name and display number; for example "localhost:1".

On platforms other than X11, name is ignored and the default display is returned. pyglet does not support multiple multiple video devices on Windows or OS X. If more than one device is attached, they will appear as a single virtual device comprising all the attached screens.


Deprecated. Use pyglet.canvas.get_display.

Parameters:name (str) – The name of the display to connect to.
Return type:Display

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