BufferManager Class

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class BufferManager

Manages the set of framebuffers for a context.

Use get_buffer_manager to obtain the instance of this class for the current context.




get_aux_buffer() Get a free auxiliary buffer.
get_buffer_mask() Get a free bitmask buffer.
get_color_buffer() Get the color buffer.
get_depth_buffer() Get the depth buffer.
get_viewport() Get the current OpenGL viewport dimensions.



Get a free auxiliary buffer.

If not aux buffers are available, ImageException is raised. Buffers are released when they are garbage collected.

Return type:ColorBufferImage

Get a free bitmask buffer.

A bitmask buffer is a buffer referencing a single bit in the stencil buffer. If no bits are free, ImageException is raised. Bits are released when the bitmask buffer is garbage collected.

Return type:BufferImageMask

Get the color buffer.

Return type:ColorBufferImage

Get the depth buffer.

Return type:DepthBufferImage

Get the current OpenGL viewport dimensions.

Return type:4-tuple of float.
Returns:Left, top, right and bottom dimensions.

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