IndexedVertexDomain Class

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class IndexedVertexDomain(attribute_usages, index_gl_type=5125)

Management of a set of indexed vertex lists.

Construction of an indexed vertex domain is usually done with the create_indexed_domain function.


__init__(attribute_usages, index_gl_type=5125)


create(count, index_count) Create an IndexedVertexList in this domain.
draw(mode[, vertex_list]) Draw vertices in the domain.
get_index_region(start, count) Get a region of the index buffer.


IndexedVertexDomain.create(count, index_count)

Create an IndexedVertexList in this domain.

  • count (int) – Number of vertices to create
  • index_count – Number of indices to create
IndexedVertexDomain.draw(mode, vertex_list=None)

Draw vertices in the domain.

If vertex_list is not specified, all vertices in the domain are drawn. This is the most efficient way to render primitives.

If vertex_list specifies a VertexList, only primitives in that list will be drawn.

  • mode (int) – OpenGL drawing mode, e.g. GL_POINTS, GL_LINES, etc.
  • vertex_list (IndexedVertexList) – Vertex list to draw, or None for all lists in this domain.
IndexedVertexDomain.get_index_region(start, count)

Get a region of the index buffer.

  • start (int) – Start of the region to map.
  • count (int) – Number of indices to map.
Return type:

Array of int

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