IndirectArrayRegion Class

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class IndirectArrayRegion(region, size, component_count, component_stride)

A mapped region in which data elements are not necessarily contiguous.

This region class is used to wrap buffer regions in which the data must be accessed with some stride. For example, in an interleaved buffer this region can be used to access a single interleaved component as if the data was contiguous.


__init__(region, size, component_count, component_stride)

Wrap a buffer region.

Use the component_count and component_stride parameters to specify the data layout of the encapsulated region. For example, if RGBA data is to be accessed as if it were packed RGB, component_count would be set to 3 and component_stride to 4. If the region contains 10 RGBA tuples, the size parameter is 3 * 10 = 30.

  • region (AbstractBufferRegion) – The region with interleaved data
  • size (int) – The number of elements that this region will provide access to.
  • component_count (int) – The number of elements that are contiguous before some must be skipped.
  • component_stride (int) – The number of elements of interleaved data separating the contiguous sections.




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